Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Few Italian Thoughts/Questions

How do pigeons poop in perfect spirals?

Did you know that a pigeon's coo is actually quite beautiful?

What possesses 40 Middle School students to crowd around an artist and block his view?

Why haven't I had more wine since being here? I need to get to Tuscany.

Did you all know that Prosecco is the nectar of the gods?

My favorite thing to do here is wander the streets with Penn.

Penn has become famous for his handwriting here...and now Dad G has, too.

I have been come (in)famous for my Gretty laugh. You know that deep, guttural thing that tags on at the end of a good outburst? People try to impersonate it, but it's just me an Gretty. :)

I plan on eating a lot more sausage when I get back and I will make you all fall in love with it as I have. Finding a proper butcher to fit the bill may be hard...

That's all for now.


  1. I miss that laugh...and the two daughters who have it, and infect others with it.

  2. 1. Not when Pop is the target.

    2. It was a pigeon's coo slowed waaaay down that George Lucas used as the roar for the voracious wampa, the carnivorous animal on the planet Hoth that knocked Luke Skywalker off his tauntaun and froze his feet to the ceiling of his lair in "Empire Strikes Back." OK... not really. I made it up.

    3. The same thing that makes ONE CAR in a parking lot FULL of cars either DRIVE INTO or LEAVE the space next to me JUST when I want to open my door.

    4. You haven't needed it. It should always be a want.

    5. Until I Wiki'd it, I thought it was that thin ham you wrap around a piece of cantaloupe.

    6. Stay just the way you are.

    7. So glad you can READ it.

    8. I agree with MDM... it's infectious... often imitated, never duplicated.

    9. Lynne knows a store in Wheaton that she says (what would I know) makes the best Italian sausage. She does grilled sausage with peppers and onions. Celeste carne degli dei!

    10. More later?