Thursday, March 19, 2009

Going to See the Gypsies

We're rushing around to get ready for our overnight train to Sicily! Penn had an exam today and a presentation yesterday, with a paper due sometime this weekend, too. We're staying at literally the cheapest hotel in town and grocery shopping before we go to save money on meals. We're only bringing backpacks to save money on the flight (checked baggage is 15 Euros each). It's going to be a "roughing it" weekend, but hopefully the town is worth it!

We went to Florence on Tuesday for a whirlwind tour of important Dominican sites. Everything was quite beautiful, but my favorite part was walking down the shop-lined Ponte Vecchio, surrounded by glittering jewelry shops and suddenly opening up to the Arno River. Florence is a very tight city, which makes the Piazze and bridges feel so much wider and more open. I must go back there to go shopping.

Running off to visit the gypsies!

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