Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Please Note...

I have changed the settings on the blog so that EVERYONE can comment! With that may come some comment-spam, but I'd rather deal with that than having to miss out on what all you lovely people have to say.

This morning was our first laundry day. First. This practice is akin to the showering procedure in that I have to put aside everything that I've previously taken for granted about doing laundry at home and get used to a seemingly very backward way of doing things. First off, the cycles take a million years to finish, so our morning slot has still not completed (it is now 6:04pm Orvieto time). Also, maybe this used to be how it worked in the good old days, but we have to empty the water from the dryer after each load. As Penn put it, "there's like a magazine of water" that you have to pull out and pour into the sink so that you can to load the new "clip" in for a second load. Ah, joy.

Speaking of joy, I did get to babysit Kiara this morning. She is joy at its purest form. If you haven't seen the pictures of her on facebook, steal someone's account. You'll smile for days at her little four-toothed grin. She and I read books and played songs so that Sharona could simply bake some cookies for the get-together they're having tonight. It was a nice time of getting to know the women in the Doll family.

It's been raining a bunch these past few days, so our exploring has been a little impeded, but we did discover a wonderful new gelato flavor today. It's called Capriccio, but it's basically heaven on earth. It's Nutella swirled in crema (vanilla). Perfection. Come have some!


  1. Your washer system sounds like Karin Deuchar's in Scotland. Hers runs... like forever and spins like the blades in a jet engine. When she used ours, she was shocked at how lazy and slow and short our cycle was. I think she probably doubted that her clothes were clean. NEWS FROM HOME: That winter storm that blew through here yesterday on its way north gave us about 6 inches... schools were out... I went in to Kit's room and opened the blinds and he squinted at me as if to curse me into a very deep hole in the ground, but when he looked out the window, it was as if he was in third grade again. Snow days do that to people... except salt truckers. I'm no different and I took the day off... in order to shovel the driveway, of course. I also took over Penn's old room again since Kit's gargantuan bed is now in his new apartment in Baltimore. My easel is in there, my PowerMac, AND -- in order that the sounds of "I'm Marty Stouffer. Until next time, enJOY our Wild America!" don't awaken your mother at 6:30 am -- I've moved the exercise bike in there as well. Until next time... Love, Southdad

  2. I saw Kiara...precious! Sounds like you're getting your kid fix, Gracie.
    So even the laundry slows you down...
    As you fight with the washing machine, do what Steve reminded us to do this week when we get cut off on the Merritt Parkway, or have "had it" with that unruly student...SING "Here I am to worship, here I am to bow down..." (or chant something even more beautiful in Latin) Practice the presence of God, as Brother Lawrence would say. "When we are faithful in keeping ourselves in his holy presence, keeping him always before us, this not only prevents our offending him or doing something displeasing in his sight (at least willfully), but it also brings to us a holy freedom and if I may say so, a familiarity with God wherein we may ask and receive the graces we are so desperately in need of."

  3. If you mail me some Capriccio, I'll send ya some Cadbury mini eggs...