Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Different Perspective

Today Matt took us on a walk to a monastery on one of the hills opposite Orvieto. We climbed and climbed and each new pit stop revealed more of the fantastic cliff retreat that is our home. At the top, we walked through the monks' gardens and olive orchards (do you call them orchards?). Matt and Sharona's kids (Silas - 5, Ronan - 3 and Kiara - 11 mos) were a joy. They have tons of energy and are starting to warm up to all their potential babysitters! (We have a ton of pictures, but the uploading here is next to impossible. There is free WiFi nearby, so on the day off tomorrow, we'll catch up on all the updating.)

Penn and I needed some refreshment after the sunny hike so we indulged in our first "Coke Light" since we've been here along with a Kebap Panini from a little shop. My Italian needs some work...but we made it through and I'm pretty sure we paid the right amount...

We are going to Rome on Saturday! Did we already mention that? Matt is bringing us on what he is calling an "ambitious Rome trip." It sounds like he's going to be packing a lot into the day, but we couldn't be more excited. I'm sure there will be lots to tell after that day.

The Ash Wednesday service in the duomo was incredible. I understood none of it, but to be inside Orvieto's famous cathedral and to get ashes ground into my hair by an Italian priest was once in a lifetime. Penn was exhausted from his day, so he stayed home for reading and a nap. We're quickly getting used to the Italian tradition of shutting everything down from 1-4 for "pranzo"(lunch) and "pelo" (nap). How these people make any money I have no idea.

Well, for now, off to my own nap before dinner! Ciao.

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  1. Pop here, on Aaron & Beth's computer. They are "off" for the night, and Munga is trying to settle Abel, after Pop read him many, many books.
    I think they are called olive "groves" but I could be wrong.
    I (we) love your postings...don't get tired of it, OK? Skype may not be worth all the hype, but your words are assurance that you are where you should be. Soak it all in and remember it. There is time ahead for being tied to job and is a time for your souls to be relaxed and at peace, and your minds to be renewed and refreshed. Make it so.