Saturday, February 21, 2009

We made it!

Arrived at DaVinci Airport. No explaining necessary at customs — they didn't ask a single question about anything. We met Matt Doll, the director of the program, as well as one of the art professors. We then got on a bus for an hour and forty-five minutes, which brought us to Orvieto. We then had to haul our luggage up a few cobble-stone streets to the monastery.

There are active nuns (though we haven't seen any) and yes, there is a monastery cat. Our room has the most amazing view of the surrounding hilly landscape as well as the rest of the town below.

We unpacked and organized everything, went to orientation meetings and then proceeded to a "light" lunch at Locando del Lupo (the contracted restaurant for our stay). Great bread, pasta and a stuffed turkey dish. After lunch we took a brief walk around town, familiarizing ourselves with all the landmarks. We got to see the duomo, which is in the middle of a large piazza.

There appear to be many places to get lost in, including numerous small shops, gelaterias and cafes.

We can't wait to explore it all . . .


  1. Excellent!Looking forward to updates and pictures!

  2. Sono lieto di sentire che lei è arrivato in sicurezza!! ...which, as we all know, means "I am so glad to hear that you arrived safely!!" A woman that I work with says that Orvietto is her favorite town in all of Italy. I hope you get to find out what she means. I went out for a long walk today and almost got attacked by a giant Rotweiller... but that's enough about me, let's talk about you. Your luggage didn't get lost! Bene! Your room has a beautiful view! Molto buono! The food, she is good! Sommamente molto buono! Your mom and I are going out tomorrow to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary! Seems like only yesterday...

    L'amore per entrambi, Papa

  3. Sooooo....
    I'm sure the gellato is to die for but..

    Will have a webcam up and running soon. It would be sooner, but Penn's not here to help!

    Remind us to tell you where your GPS device brought us after we left La Guardia.

    Your Memere Dana has been all over finding out about her great grandfather Antonio Lambo. I'll let her tell that story.

    Skype ya later! Love "Papa Donaldo"