Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pizza and Tours

We had our first Italian Pizza a couple of nights ago! It was wonderful. Lots of different kinds and just kept coming out of the kitchen onto our plates.

Today we got a morning tour of the city from the History professors. We went around to the various churches and important spots in terms of the progression of this city since the middle ages.

Then, in the afternoon we got another tour of the city from the Italian professor, who is a local 20-something wonderful girl named Laura. She showed us all the important cappuccino places, the free internet cafes and the cheap clothing stores.

A good day. Gotta run! Ash Wednesday Service tonight!


  1. According to this Web site:

    a monastery of Armenian monks was founded in Orvieto in 1288. That must mean that there is a long history of duduk playing in Orvieto. Dad will need to bring his duduk to jam with the Orvietons.

  2. Ash Wednesday in Italy...I'm glad you get to experience the lenten season from beginnng to end. We can't wait to celebrate Easter with you!

  3. But you left out one valuable piece of information: How did the pizza stack up against Pepe's and Sally's?