Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Praha at Last!

We are safe and happy as clams in Prague. We've arrived and already done the preliminary sweep of the Old Town. Now we're in our hostel (which rules) getting settled and trying to plan out our six days in this wonderful place! We've already had a traditional Czech meal (mine of beef and dumplings, Penn's of pork and spaetzle) and a wonderful lager at a local microbrewery. I think we're going to like it couldn't be more different from Orvieto, so it's a nice change! Kit has helped us with a few suggestions to fill up our time here, but further suggestions are welcome. Though, it seems like one could just walk and walk here and never get tired of staring at the architecture...

The only goal I have is to drink a Pilsner for each and every one of you (just kidding, mostly). We'll keep updating you on the goings-on. I'll try to get up-to-date with facebook pictures so that I can start posting Prague ones. We can also try to Skype with people if you want to email/comment with a good time for you. Let us know!


  1. Drink two for me please! Oh beer, how I miss thee...

  2. and one for me and at least two for kyle!

  3. Be sure to see the John Lennon wall!