Monday, June 22, 2009

Small Update

We're on our last full day in Prague. It snuck up on me because I can't keep track of days-of-the-week when we're just touring around everyday (I know, I know, tough life).

Yesterday we went to the Prague Zoo. We actually intended just to go to the nearby botanical gardens for a lazy day with our books, but I stumbled across the zoo in my attempts to find directions to the gardens. It's rated one of the top ten in Europe, so we HAD to go. It was actually an excellent zoo! Wayyyyy better than the Rome zoo. AND, the food and beverage there is wicked cheap. That made Penn happy. We ate well and had half a litre of beer for only about $6!

So, we've been trying to see anything we can and eat whatever we can. Tonight we're going to try to get to an opera at the famed opera house in the Old Town. I hope they have seats left and that they are surprisingly cheap. Wouldn't that be nice?

Well, we have to get our lazy bums going. Time for another fabulous breakfast out. Check out our pictures on facebook...there are a TON. Love and miss you all. (Happy Fathers' Day to our papas, again! Sorry we can't be with you...we'll enjoy a beer in your honor!!)

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