Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Weird Beard

So, I'm sitting by the sea in Fiumicino missing all our friends from Orvieto. I can't wait to get to Prague so that we can occupy our minds with something else! Though, today we saw the archeological dig at Osta Antica and that was pretty amazing.

I'll let everyone know when we're safe in Prague!


  1. I've read and re-read, and I feel like I'm missing something that is probably staring me in the face, so I'll just ask. Weird beard?

    Tons of love to you both.

  2. Weird Beard.

    Sitting by the sea... the seaweed floats in and wraps itself around a rock. "Hey, look at that weird beard!"

    Archaeological dig... In Ostia Antica, while strolling around the excavation of the newly unearthed heroic statue of Zeus, we noticed that there was a huge colony of black scorpions all around the cheeks and neck of the statue. "What a weird beard!"

    That's all I got. My brain is worn out.

  3. Weird beard. Feels weird to get to the end and actually say the dreaded goodbyes. I think that might be what she's saying.

  4. Spot on, Jules. It's just silly saying of mine. No actual beards.

  5. Yikes Bikes!

    As in: I can't believe I'll see you two in 10 days!

    No actual bikes here either :-)